Collection: Barefoot Office Shoes

You’ve come home from work, and the first thing you do is take off your shoes – not just for hygiene, but because your heels, arches, and toes are all begging to be set free! If you’re tired of feeling this way after up to ten or even more hours in the office, OzBarefoot has the best barefoot office shoes in Australia.

Experience Benefits with Barefoot Office Shoes

Wearing barefoot shoes for the office has several benefits. With a zero-drop sole, your Achilles tendon won’t spend hours in a shortened position, whether you’re sitting or standing. The light, flexible sole and wider toe area provides greater mobility and protection from bone deformation, relieving pain and strengthening your muscles.

Customers describe our barefoot office shoes as stylish, yet light and comfortable. Many write that they make walking long distances or faster-paced jobs, such as teaching children, much easier to keep up with.

Perfect Barefoot Shoes for Your Office Work

Depending on your personal style, career, and workplace dress code, you can choose your perfect barefoot office shoes. Our office offerings at OzBarefoot feature sneakers and slip-ons; leather and knit outer layers; and pastel, earthy, and black colours sure to look professional:

Easing into Stylish Barefoot Office Shoes

Wearing barefoot shoes for the office can take some getting used to if feeling everything under your feet is very unfamiliar. For the first few weeks, it’s okay to take a spare pair of shoes, or wear your barefoot shoes for part of the day and gradually increase it to longer periods. It’s also important to ensure you buy the right size, comparing your foot and shoe size with Be Lenka’s size chart.

Upgrade Your Office Footwear with Barefoot Office Shoes at OzBarefoot

With OzBarefoot, you can enjoy greater comfort at work with no painfully tight footwear or restrictions on your mobility. To find the perfect pair of barefoot office shoes, click here to shop around.

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