Collection: Be Lenka Barefoot Socks

You’ve got your new pair of barefoot shoes from Be Lenka, now it’s time to add some matching socks! With a range of low-key and eye-catching styles, OzBarefoot stocks the socks you need to maximise the benefits of barefoot shoes.

Barefoot Socks That Give Unrestricted Freedom to Your Toes

Be Lenka barefoot socks are super comfortable to wear, as they give your toes more freedom to move than conventional styles. Many customers love them for their softness, quality of material, and comfort during the day.

When your feet are able to move freely, your muscles, tendons, and ligaments can strengthen and regain flexibility that is often lost to tight footwear. This can also restore your brain’s “map” of your feet, resulting in improved dexterity. If the weather’s too cold to go barefoot at home, you can even wear your barefoot socks around the house to keep warm without tight or stiff slippers.

Better yet, most Be Lenka barefoot socks are 85% cotton, a breathable, natural material. There’s also a Merino wool option, which boasts some of the best temperature regulation of all textile fibres. Merino wool has more durability than cotton, naturally moisture-wicking, and its fine fibre thickness lends itself well to barefoot socks.

Check Out Our Range of Barefoot Socks

At Ozbarefoot, you can find the best barefoot socks for you, thanks to Be Lenka. You can choose from both low- and high-cut socks; minimalist monochrome, rainbow, or folk floral designs; and between 85% cotton and Merino wool. All of Be Lenka’s socks are manufactured with a low carbon footprint.

The Perfect Complement to Your Barefoot Lifestyle

OzBarefoot provides Australia with the best barefoot products available today. Our range of barefoot socks is the perfect accompaniment to barefoot shoes, as they don’t restrict your range of motion and won’t cancel out the benefits of your shoes.

Click here to purchase barefoot shoes, or check this collection to shop around for barefoot socks.

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