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Discover the versatility of Vivo Barefoot; one of the most trusted and experienced barefoot shoe brands on the market.

Vivo Barefoot: Barefoot Expertize Like No Other

Vivobarefoot is one of the original brands to bring the wisdom of barefoot technology to shoes built for modern life. This means they know exactly how to create the shoes you need for healthy feet in any circumstance. Whether you need hiking boots to explore the mountains of Australia, trail running shoes, or casual slip-ons for errands, you can be sure they've created something durable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing just for that purpose.

The company originated in 2012 from two 7th-generation cobblers: Galahad and Asher Clark. They've been busy perfecting their designs and creating stylish new shoes for any occasion ever since.

What Makes Vivo Barefoot Shoes Different?

Vivo Barefoot is clearly well-educated on the biomechanical marvel that is the human foot. They understand that shoes built for optimal foot health must be wide, thin, flexible, and light. This echoes the natural movement of the foot instead of fighting it, and it allows for a deeper sensory connection to the earth.

Vivo Barefoot is particularly passionate about the environment and hopes to bring customers closer to nature one millimeter at a time with their thin-soled designs. Through helping to restore optimal foot function and promoting an appreciation for nature, they aim to repair the health of humans and the environment in tandem. 

The Products: Shoes for Any Environment in Australia

Vivo Barefoot's barefoot shoe options are diverse. They have hiking, road running, trail running, training and lifestyle shoes for men and women as well as outdoor, school, and everyday shoes for kids ages from the ages of 1 and up.

The shoes themselve range from minimalist clean designs to bold and eye-catching sneakers. The types of shoes you'll see include sandals, slippers, boots, slip-on loafers, dress shoes, sneakers, and ballet flats.

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What Customers Think of Vivo Barefoot Shoes

The most important factor for any shoe brand is how well loved their products are by customers, and Vivo Barefoot passes this test with flying colors. The feedback from Vivo Barefoot shoes is consistently flattering. Customers especially love their durability, their high quality design and materials, as well as specialized features like high breathability and waterproofing in certain models.

Who Vivo Barefoot Shoes Are For

If you're looking for a high-performing shoe equipped for any adventure in Australia and beyond, Vivo Barefoot shoes are great choice. These shoes are an investment that will last for years to come and will give your feet exactly what they need to thrive. As their brand purpose states, Vivo Barefoot's mission is to inspire a world with less padding and more feeling. 

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