Collection: Xero Shoes

You'll have xero problems finding a perfect fit from Xero Shoes. With options from adjustable minimalist sandals to cold weather boots and plenty of styles in between, there's something for everyone.

Barefoot Shoes For Every Season

One thing Xero Shoes does incredibly well is variety. Their wide ranging products include mens, womens, and kids shoes designed to handle any type of weather. Rain, snow, Australian heat and scorching sun are no match for their barefoot shoes.

How Xero Shoes Began

The origin story of this brand started with a simple pair of sandals, but they've now grown into a company headed by shoe industry experts with one thing in mind: optimal foot health. Husband and wife Steven and Lena are the brand founders who started out this impressive brand journey together.

The idea was born when Steven began getting back into running after a several decade long hiatus and found himself constantly riddled with pesky injuries. He soon discovered the foot health healing potential of barefoot running and instantly became hooked.

In his excitement, he designed the first ever pair of Xero sandals for his wife Lena, and the rest is history.

Xero's Product Evolution

Some things are created already close to perfection, and Xero's various sandal styles are a prime example of this. The minimalist lace-based style has continued throughout all iterations because of its one-of-a-kind look and ingenious functionality. Their sandals come with a 5,000 mile sole warranty and have even been worn through ultramarathon races. This is a true testament to their durability.

This keen focus on quality and function has spread into all of their styles. Their hiking boots are ultra-light but suitable for even the most technical of climbs, and their grippy cold weather boots offer all the health benefits of barefoot shoes while keeping your toes warm and dry.

The sneakers come in a range of exciting colors and styles with materials ranging from leather to light-weight and breathable mesh-like knit fabrics. Despite this wide variety, a consistent factor is quality.

The Xero Weight Feel

Because Xero Shoes have been around since 2009, it's safe to say they are thoroughly vetted! Customers love their incomparable lightweight comfort which has created an army of diehard fans. They have fans all over the world from sunny Australia to chilly Canada.

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