Collection: Mens' Barefoot Sneakers

Tie them up or slip them on, men’s barefoot sneakers can fit in with any casual outfit or sportswear. At OzBarefoot, we have a wide range of barefoot sneakers for men to suit all tastes and occasions.

Wide range of Belenka Mens' Barefoot Sneakers in Australia

Perhaps the versatile Royale city sneaker is right for you. These fresh white sneakers with a pop of blue, black, dark peach, or beige can be paired with anything from jeans to a suit. Their soft, premium Nappa leather and smooth leather are highly-rated by men around Europe.

If you need a quality pair of barefoot shoes for hiking in the often-soaking wet forests of Australia, the Trailwalker may be exactly what you need. A reinforced rubber edge extending beyond the sole helps to keep water out, while preventing some injuries and helping your shoes last for years.

If you’re vegan and are searching for a leather-free option, consider Revive. It features a microfibre and polyester outer layer, produced with a low environmental impact. The lining is the top-quality Dermodry Coolmax fabric, which removes moisture from sweat. Its sole and insole are made from Comfort Grip synthetic rubber and cork, respectively, giving the Revive model a high resistance to everyday damage and extra breathability.

For a no-fuss, convenient barefoot shoe, the Eazy features a slip-on design that, well, doesn’t slip! Reviewers describe the Eazy as spacious on the inside, but it holds onto your feet closely enough that it won’t slip off. Choose between black, white, sandy, dark brown, and sandy with a dark blue or army green heel.

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