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Walking in vivobarefoot zero-drop shoes in Australia
Women wearing foot shaped barefoot boots with wide toe box and zero drop design

What are barefoot or minimalist Shoes?

Barefoot shoes are foot shaped footwear designed to mimic the experience of walking or running barefoot. These minimalist shoes typically have a thin, flexible sole that allows for natural foot movement and sensory feedback, and a wide toe box that lets the toes splay and move freely. The idea behind barefoot shoes is that they allow your feet to function as they would if you were barefoot, promoting better foot and body alignment, balance, and overall foot health.

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How Barefoot Shoes with Zero-Drop, Foot-Shaped, and Wide Toe Box Design Stand Out

Wide toe box shoes Babrebarics Zing All White

Wide Foot-Shaped Toe Box

  • All barefoot shoes have wide toe boxes to allow for splaying and free movement of the toes.
  • These minimalist shoes alsco come with a unique toe box shape. Instead of having the mid-point of the toes being the furthest outward projection like regular shoes, they may have an offset arc with the big toe being the outermost portion of the curve.
  • This echos the natural shape of the foot since most people have longer big toes than middle toes.

Barefoot bellerinas with thin sole

Thin Soles

  • Another important criteria for barefoot shoes is thin soles. There's some variance in this aspect, but barefoot shoe soles generally range from somewhere between 3mm up to 20mm.
  • The thicker end of this spectrum can be helpful for barefoot shoe beginners or rough terrain.
  • Additionally, these thinner soles enhance the wearer's ability to feel and adapt to different surfaces, promoting a more natural foot movement.

Walking in Zero Drop Shoes from VivoBarefoot

Zero-Drop Heel

  • The zero-drop heel feature of barefoot shoes simply refers to an even level between the toes and the heel.
  • Most regular shoes have a least a slightly elevated heel regardless of if they're designed for men or women and casual or dressy occasions.
  • This design of zero drop shoes aims to support the body's natural posture and balance, reducing strain on the lower limbs.

Lightweight and Flexible Barefoot Shoes

Lightweight & Flexible

  • Barefoot shoes are almost always designed with lightweight and highly flexible materials.
  • Minimalist shoes should be as flexible as possible to allow the feet to move freely, and as lightweight as possible to mimic the sensation of actually walking around barefoot.
  • Some barefoot shoes take these features to such extremes that an entire barefoot shoe can be folded up into a ball.

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