Collection: Women's Barefoot Sandals

Explore our women's barely there barefoot sandals for maximum comfort and incomparable warm-weather style.

Why Barefoot Sandals?

Going barefoot all-year round is now entirely possible thanks to the wide selection of options available. As we tend to spend more time outdoors in the summer than any other season in Australia, sourcing a pair of stylish sandals to keep your feet healthy in warm weather is particularly important.

Barefoot sandals are lightweight, trendy and virtually indistinguishable from non-barefoot sandals at first glance. They keep the soles of the feet protected from hot sand at the beach or rocks and twigs on a trail without compromising on their thin-sole feel.

These women's barefoot sandals are as comfortable as they are durable. You could even say they're the closest thing to being truly barefoot.

Your Summer Shoe Upgrade

During the Australian summer months, many women opt for popular footwear choices. Among these are the lightweight flip flops, which some find can lead to toe gripping and occasional discomfort between the toes. Some also have cushioned soles that may not provide the same muscle engagement as other footwear.

In addition to flip flops, there are sandals with snug straps that some feel can limit toe movement. Some sandals come with raised heels, which, for a few, might affect their posture if worn for prolonged periods.

Barefoot sandals offer a refreshing alternative, combining the best of both worlds: comfort, a natural foot design, and style, without the common footwear concerns.

Browse our selections below to invest in upgrading your summer footwear this year.

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