Collection: Be Lenka Outdoor Barefoot Shoes

Explore nature in comfort and style and feel connected to the ground with Be Lenka outdoor barefoot shoes

Be ready for any terrain with Outdoor Barefoot Shoes. Whether you're camping, hiking, walking or exploring, these shoes are up for the job.

Why Outdoor Barefoot Shoes?

Outdoor barefoot shoes are durable and ready for rough and tumble play in the great Australian wild. Explore nature with your feet just millimeters from the ground to fully take in the experience all around you.

These shoes are breathable, lightweight and incredibly easy to pack for last minute adventures. They're compact and feature a fabric hook on the back so they can be clipped onto daybags without hassle.

The spaciousness of the wide toe box and the flexibility to the fabric will allow for all-day play without blisters or bunions to slow you down. These Australian outback-rated shoes will keep you covered while you track some serious distance.

Shop the wide variety of colors and styles available from Be Lenka to discover what shoes you could be taking on your next adventure.

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