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Groundies is rooted in the concept of approaching fashion with depth and inclusivity. This is why we seamlessly blend modern design with sustainable craftsmanship, while also incorporating the inherent well-being advantages of walking barefoot. By doing so, we're transforming the age-old, instinctive act of mobility into a purposeful and relevant trend of the present day.

About Groundies Brand

Explore, run, climb, and discover your world in Groundies.

Groundies Barefoot Shoes: Shoes That Move with You

All that's separating you from the earth when you're wearing Groundies is a few millimeters of well-designed sole. Groundies has created a whole arsenal of nature-loving shoes that are durable, stylish, sustainably made, and great for your feet! They have the whole package.

The Groundies Mission

Groundies began in 2019 with one mission in mind: the union of fashion and health in footwear. They've built some truly special designs that are every bit as stylish as their conventional shoe counterparts. Their notably outdoorsy aesthetic is full of earthy tones, durable materials, and highly functional designs.

But don't be mistaken, you can find a pair of Groundies just as suitable for streetwear as you can for the trails here in Australia. Groundies makes sandals, boots, sneakers, flats, dress shoes and more. The only thing holding you back from taking your barefoot shoe lifestyle to the streets is a perfect pair of shoes that matches your personal style just as well as your foot shape.

The Design Factor

One thing you'll quickly notice about Groundies is that they have excellent range in their products. Their shoes all fall under the umbrella of barefoot shoes, but they have different sole thickness options, several shoe width options, and varying degrees of shoe material flexibility. This is excellent news for those just starting to dip their toes into wearing barefoot shoes who are seeking a beginner-friendly design.

What Customers Love Most

Equally as important is what the customers here in Australia think of their Groundies. The first thing you'll hear from any Groundies owner is how great the shoes feel. Groundies somehow manage to skip the uncomfortable breaking in stage some shoes have and go straight to comfortable all-day wear.

Shop Groundies in Australia at OzBarefoot

If you're ready to look good and feel good, get yourself a pair of Groundies. You can shop all the latest styles right here in Australia at OzBarefoot.

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