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Discover the ultimate comfort and freedom of movement with Be Lenka barefoot shoes! Shop now in Australia at OzBarefoot for a natural walking experience.

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Check Be Lenka collections of barefoot shoes: BellissimaCity, Eazy, Entice, Flair, Flexi, Glide, Grace, Harmony, Champ, Icon, Jolly, Joy, Nevada, Nord, Panda, Play, Polar, Prime, Promenade, Ranger, Sierra, Snowfox Kids, Snowfox, Sophie, Summer, Trailwalker, Winter.

About Be Lenka Brand

Be Lenka is a leading designer and manufacturer of barefoot shoes. Their attention to detail in material quality and health benefits, combined with no-fuss, elegant urban style, has boosted the brand’s popularity around the world.

Experience Natural Movement with Be Lenka Barefoot Shoes

Be Lenka shoes allow your feet to move naturally, helping to prevent many of the problems that come with wearing stiff, conventional shoes.

Their flexible soles strengthen your feet and provide enough space for your toes to spread out, reducing the risk of deformities. Better yet, a thin, 4mm sole preserves the stimulation that your musculoskeletal system and nerves receive from walking barefoot. This protects your brain’s “map” of your feet from shrinking, potentially increasing agility. And if you experience pain after years of heels, the zero-drop sole means your tendons won’t be strained from any difference between heel and toe height.

Discover Be Lenka's Stylish Barefoot Shoe Collection

Be Lenka barefoot shoes are available in women’s, men’s, and children’s styles. They range from ballet flats to minimalist sandals and sneakers, to boots for trail walking and light hikes. Your new favourite office shoes may just be waterproof, too, while knee-high boots help make Be Lenka Australia’s choice for barefoot shoes for any occasion, day or night.

Be Lenka's Impact on Everyday Lives

Be Lenka shoes make no compromise when it comes to comfort or style. Customers rate them highly for relieving foot pain, thanks to their wide toe cut and zero drop sole. Their durability means each pair lasts longer, and the water-resistance, no-slip materials used in many designs help you stay safe no matter the weather.

Want to know more about the health benefits of barefoot shoes? Read our article: Health benefits of wearing barefoot shoes.

Be Lenka: The Journey from Passion to Barefoot Shoe Revolution

Be Lenka began in 2017, when founders Lenka Cenigová and Juraj Fehervari decided to combine the health benefits of barefoot shoes with sustainability. Their vision is to change what it means to purchase sustainable footwear, prioritising lasting, high-quality shoes made from mostly local, natural material.

While Central and South European shoemaking traditions cut no corners in making the best footwear, their union with modern technology ensures a product that will benefit your feet. Be Lenka has since gained the attention of Dubai Expo 2020, Slovak media, and international media.

Barefoot Comfort Awaits in Australia

Why should Europe have all the fun? OzBarefoot is pleased to bring Be Lenka barefoot shoes to Australia, with designs for every occasion. Now, you can enjoy the comfort and added exercise benefits of barefoot shoes, from summer to winter, from work to nights out or weekend camping.

Check out our collection page to find the best pair or two for you.

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