Collection: Women's Barefoot Winter / Autumn Shoes

Stay “barefoot” all year round with warm, stylish women’s barefoot winter shoes and boots. Comfort and durability combine with a true barefoot feeling, so you can enjoy the best of both worlds no matter how cold it gets.

Enjoy Health & Style with Women's Barefoot Winter Shoes & Boots

Women’s barefoot winter boots by Be Lenka are a healthy, stylish solution for all environments. Some sport an anti-slip sole and strong grip to help you stay safe on rainy, muddy days. The warmest styles include a layer of aluminium alongside their wool, so you don’t need to worry about cold temperatures.

Be Lenka’s winter shoes don’t sacrifice their famous wide toe cut, loved by many who are prone to sore, inflamed feet. They don’t look or feel “big”, and the absence of a foot drop means your tendons won’t feel tense or too stretched out.

Interested in learning more? Check out our comprehensive guide on the Health benefits of wearing barefoot shoes.

Find Your Perfect Women's Barefoot Winter Footwear Style

  • Icon – Smart-casual ankle boots
  • Sierra – Gorgeous long boots, perfect for nights out
  • Bliss – Timeless, warm boots with a wool trim
  • Nevada and Nevada Neo – Classy, durable unisex urban wear
  • Glide – Anti-slip ankle boots for the woman who loves simplicity
  • Charlotte – Lovely and long, with improved grip
  • Winter 2.0 – Minimalist, waterproof, and stylish boots
  • Polaris – Shapely ankle cut with warm sheepskin

Quality Matters

Be Lenka’s women’s barefoot winter shoes are made with materials including high-quality leather varieties such as nubuck, sheepskin, and flexible yet abrasion-resistant rubber. Water-resistant membranes are included in some designs, and all polyurethane mixed with wool is recycled.

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Stand tall in comfort and style with OzBarefoot. We are proud to bring the best in barefoot shoes to Australia, including Be Lenka’s wide range of women’s barefoot winter boots. Check out our collection page to find your new best pair of shoes.

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