Groundies Size Guide

How to Properly Measure Your Feet

Step 1: Stand

Place a sheet of paper on the floor next to a wall. Stand barefoot with your larger foot against the wall, ensuring your heel is touching it.

Step 2: Trace

Draw a line at the point where your longest toe ends (note that this may not necessarily be your big toe). Mark the widest part of your foot on both the left and right sides, aligning with the ball of your foot.

Step 3: Measure length

Your foot length is the measurement between the end of the sheet and the toe mark. Your foot width is the distance between the marks on both sides of the ball of your foot.

Step 4: Measure width

You can determine your shoe size by adding a little extra space for your toes to your measured foot length and comparing the result with the (inside) length in our size chart. We recommend 0.5 to 1.2 cm, see also ¹ under "Additional notes".


Alternatively, you can use our new third-party app, MySHOEFITTER, with your smartphone to find your correct size.
Simply click on the “Find your size” button, which is available on many of our shoes – and use artificial intelligence to measure your feet.

The right size for kids shoes

With the help of our measuring template you can easily find the right shoe size for your child. Just print it out and get started!

Print measuring template