Collection: Barefoot Ballet Flats for Women

When you first heard of barefoot shoes, you may have imagined sneakers for running or hiking boots. Now, you can find stylish women’s barefoot ballet flats at OzBarefoot.

With three designs, you can find the perfect barefoot ballerina shoes for the office, special events, or a fun day out with friends. All are lightweight and flexible, with zero drop to protect your heels from irritation and your feet from muscle cramps.

Check out Range of Barefoot Ballerinas at OzBarefoot


The Sophie is available in several dark colours, plus a neutral toffee, white, and gold. It’s designed for female foot anatomy, with a narrow upper heel; no awkward, uncomfortable seams; and an elastic band around the opening. Women love its suitability for conservative workplace dress codes and close-fitting heel, which doesn’t flop off your feet at the most inconvenient times.


Be Lenka’s Bellissima 2.0 design brings a new level of barefoot style to Australia. Featuring a cute strap and precision-cut leather, comfort and fashion go together with its breathable lining and a minimalist AllDayComfort sole. And if you want shoes that will last, they have an improved abrasion resistance. Even women who walk an average of 20,000 steps a day at work notice reduced fatigue in the Bellissima 2.0, which is available in nude pink, black, gold, and rose gold.


The Harmony textile and microfibre ballerinas’ shoe is a beautiful casual design, sold in a jute brown texture pattern, dark blue, nude pink, and a blue and white-striped option. They can either be a statement piece for your outfit, or simply blend in without clashing.

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