Barefoot Running Shoes

Barefoot Running Shoes Can Take You The Extra Mile.

If you're well adapted to the barefoot shoe lifestyle and ready to take the next step by trying barefoot minimalist running shoes, you're going to need footwear up to the task. Thankfully you're in the right place.

You can find the best barefoot running shoes in Australia right here at OzBarefoot.

We first want to highlight that running in minimalist barefoot shoes is NOT recommended for barefoot newbies since it's essential to properly adapt your feet first. Your foot and ankle muscles need to be very strong, and you'll need to instil proper barefoot running technique to avoid injuries.

However, once you're road ready you're going to love the feeling of light feet and breathable shoes while you clock kilometres along gorgeous Australian terrain. The sleek designs, wide toe box, zero drop design, foot-shaped structure and incomparable performance will make the switch more than worth it.

Running in Barefoot Shoes Advantage

Chances are, you're no stranger to the health benefits of a barefoot shoe lifestyle. You've probably seen better foot strength, stability and mobility just from wearing them as everyday shoes.

These benefits are taken to another level when barefoot shoe principles are applied to the art of running. Running builds foot, toe, ankle and calf strength to an extent few other activities do, but barefoot shoe runners can also expect to see:

  • More Speed
  • Less Knee and Back Pain
  • Increased Gait Efficiency
  • Fewer Pesky Injuries
  • Longer Running Careers

Essentially, the unique stride and posture that barefoot running shoes encourage not only increases performance, but also overall foot health and longevity.

You'll find yourself needing to take short and quick strides with a forefoot strike. This allows for natural spring from the calf muscle and a smoother ride for your joints.

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Barefoot Minimalist Running Shoes That Perform

An activity as intense as running demands a durable shoe up to the task. For barefoot running shoes specifically, you'll also want flexible materials, breathable fabrics, high-tech design, and time tested results.

You can find all this and more from the selection of men's running shoes and women's running shoes available at OzBarefoot with well known barefoot brands such as VivoBarefoot or Xero.

Shop the best minimalist running shoes in Australia at OzBarefoot.

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