Collection: Men's Barefoot Winter Shoes

Even southern Australia’s cold winters don’t have to mean giving up the comfort and benefits of going “barefoot”. Men’s barefoot winter shoes, made by Be Lenka, give you a wide range of stylish masculine designs that don’t compromise on warmth or the barefoot experience.

Enjoy Health & Style with Men’s Barefoot Winter Shoes & Boots

Men from Australia and Europe rate Belenka men’s barefoot winter boots as comfortable and well-suited to all conditions. With designs that hold up during rainy or even icy weather, you won’t be left out in the cold. Despite their durability, you can be assured of having plenty of space for your feet and the barefoot experience that keeps your coordination sharp.

To discover more about the health advantages of barefoot shoes, read this informative article: Health benefits of wearing barefoot shoes.

Discover Men's Barefoot Winter Footwear for All Needs

  • Bliss – A unique, high-grip design with decorative fleece
  • Winter 2.0 Neo – Our waterproof, minimalist bestseller
  • Nevada Neo – Stylish urban wear for mild winters
  • Nevada – Minimalist, anti-slip boots for mild winters
  • Olympus – Versatile, eye-catching and earthy style
  • Ranger 2.0 – Tough boots for trail walks with water resistance

Quality Matters

Our men’s barefoot winter boots are made with quality, durable materials. Models feature material including nubuck and nappa leather; fleece, Merino wool, recycled fibres, cotton, and rubber made to withstand everyday abrasions.

Shop Men's Barefoot Winter Shoes and Boots in Australia at OzBarefoot

Stand tall in comfort and style with OzBarefoot. We are proud to bring the best in barefoot shoes to Australia, including Be Lenka’s wide range of men’s barefoot winter boots. Check out our collection page to find the best winter styles for your unique needs.

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