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Discover the benefits of natural walking with our men's barefoot shoes, foot-shaped, zero-drop, and designed with a wide toe box. 

If you arrive home every day with your feet just begging to get out of your shoes, it’s probably time for a change. At OzBarefoot, we stock a wide range of men’s barefoot shoes, boots and minimalist footwear, so you can say goodbye to discomfort and enjoy greater freedom of movement. 

Comfort and Health with Men's Barefoot Shoes with Wide Toe Box

Men’s barefoot shoes are becoming increasingly common in Australia, as they kind of feel like you’re wearing nothing at all on your feet. All of our minimalist shoes give you increased mobility with their wider toe box and durable, yet thin and flexible sole. Our light soles paired with padded ankles and high-quality leather mean you’ll feel supported without being weighed down, too. They provide all the warmth and protection of shoes, without the subtle restrictions to movement.

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Why Men's Barefoot Shoes Are Better Choice

Over time, the benefits of men’s barefoot shoes will gradually develop, while comfort and mobility are the first things you notice.

A flexible sole and wide toe box helps to strengthen your ligaments and muscles as they must re-learn how to support themselves. In fact, some reviewers with bunions describe them as the only type of shoes that make them feel comfortable! Better yet, zero drop in the shoes’ heel means that your Achilles tendon won’t be left irritated by being in a shortened position all day. Older men may benefit most from the sensory experience that zero-drop shoes can provide, as being able to feel everything under your feet may retrain your balance and strengthen your brain’s “map” of your feet.

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Find Your Ideal Men's Barefoot Shoes

At OzBarefoot, we provide the best men’s foot-shaped barefoot shoes to all who seek them around Australia. In our online store, we stock minimalist shoes for anything from work and casual city walks to adventure sports and cold winters:

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OzBarefoot is Australia’s best online retailer of men’s barefoot shoes. We proudly import our range from Europe’s Be Lenka brand, which offers a high-quality, diverse range of barefoot shoes to suit almost any need. 

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