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Discover the benefits of natural walking with our women's barefoot shoes, foot-shaped, zero-drop, and designed with a wide toe box. 

Think women’s barefoot shoes are just for hiking? Barefoot shoes for ladies come in all styles, from office to outdoor, long boots to sandals. To help you feel your best all day long, OzBarefoot is proud to introduce the extensive Be Lenka range to Australia.

Women's Barefoot Shoes, Boots, and Sandals

Thousands of women are embracing the comfort of foot-shaped barefoot shoes, as the diversity of styles broadens and comfort no longer comes at the expense of appearance.

Customers love Be Lenka’s range of boots, sneakers, sandals, and more thanks to their greater freedom of movement and zero-drop heel. A zero-drop heel is not raised compared to the toes, so you don’t experience the discomfort of shortened, tight calf muscles. In fact, reviewers have described Be Lenka’s zero-drop barefoot boots as the first footwear to provide relief from pain and inflammation, from their heels to their toes.

As for our barefoot sandals, women in Europe and Australia describe them as less rigid and more flexible than conventional flat shoes. The design of their tops, heel straps, and wider toe area reduces the need to pinch with your toes.

Our diverse range of minimalist barefoot shoes is for every woman, but we particularly recommend them if you’re on your feet all day or have wider feet that are too constricted in regular shoes. If you’re prone to muscle cramps from tight shoes or loose sandals, you don’t need to worry about your feet freezing up.

Reasons to Choose Barefoot Shoes With Wide Toe Box

Barefoot shoes for women and men are increasingly popular in Australia and internationally. Going barefoot feels great, but it’s not always safe, hygenic, or socially appropriate. Instead of rigid, thick soles, barefoot-style shoes are light and flexible, with no height difference between the heel and toes and a wider toe box.

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Altogether, these design features support freedom of movement and allow your nervous system to adjust faster to uneven ground. In a day or two, you may notice less pain and tension in your feet, even after long days. This a particularly important point for women, who have greater ligament laxity and often work in jobs that involve a lot of standing and walking.

The long-term benefits of zero-drop and wide toe box shoes may be even greater. Your muscles and tendons can become stronger and more agile as they aren’t restricted, and you could even reduce your risk of developing deformities. Your nervous system receives a healthy level of stimulation, helping it to re-learn a youthful level of agility and ability to differentiate between different sensations such as uneven ground. Some describe it as being like a kid again – but in style!

To learn more about the numerous advantages of adopting this footwear trend, check out our comprehensive article on the health benefits of wearing barefoot shoes.

Find the Best Women’s Barefoot Shoes for You

At OzBarefoot, we have the best barefoot shoes for ladies in a range including:

Each of these styles is available in a number of colours, too, so you’ll be sure to find the right pair for work and everyday life. Also, find the best ladies' barefoot shoes in our categories: White Barefoot Shoes, Black Barefoot Shoes, Leather Barefoot Shoes.

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Say goodbye to pain with OzBarefoot’s selection of minimalist barefoot shoes. We are proud to provide Australia with the best range of shoes that give women all the freedom and comfort of going barefoot, plus the safety and style of quality footwear.

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