Barebarics Sneakers: Our Honest Review

Barebarics Sneakers: Our Honest Review

A Game-Changing Addition to The World of Barefoot Shoes

Barebarics are a line of barefoot sneakers created by Be Lenka, a Slovakian shoe brand established in 2017. Be Lenka's main brand mission is to provide high-quality, minimalist shoes that are well-adapted to modern life functionality.

Their products span the gamut of sandals to boots with plenty of options in between. They have casual slip-on options, more formal ballet flats or men's dress shoes, and plenty of sneakers well-suited for trail walking, the gym and more.

Men, women and even kids will find plenty of barefoot shoe options adaptable for most of life's occasions when shopping through Be Lenka.

However, one distinct area of the barefoot shoe market Be Lenka's options leave a significant gap is in stylish, casual and comfortable everyday barefoot shoes. Most of their shoes are either formal, ultra casual slip ons, sandals, or boots, and the sneakers selections they do have generally prioritise function over aesthetics.

This makes them an excellent option for athletic endeavours, but less enticing for more fashion-savvy shoppers looking for something to wear on a daily basis. Luckily, this is precisely the demand the Barebarics line was designed to meet.

Barebarics: Barefoot Function with Style

Barefoot Sneakers Barebarics Zing - White & Gold - Leather 1  - OzBarefoot

The most common complaint of any barefoot shoe brand is a lack of stylish options. Though many people are now aware of all the health benefits they can reap from wearing barefoot shoes, too many people fail to make the switch from regular shoes because they can't find any options in line with their personal style preferences.

Barebarics is hoping to change this. They've been touted as one of the most trendy barefoot shoe options on the market. They have 12 different unisex sneaker models in a variety of colour options, giving them widespread appeal. Some of their shoe models have even been compared to the highly popular and sought after Nike Air Force Ones.

Barebarics seem to be the unicorn shoe brand that can finally compete with mainstream shoes for visual appeal without sacrificing the benefits of traditional barefoot shoes.

About us

We decided the best way to finally determine whether Barebarics sneakers can stand up to these bold claims was to complete a thorough review ourselves, but before we begin, let us introduce ourselves!

We're Peter and Martina, founders of OzBarefoot. We're barefoot shoe enthusiasts and sellers from Sydney Australia. We've been passionate about the barefoot shoe movement for years and have the expertise to properly analyse Barebarics sneakers' functionality.

The aesthetic factors are far more easy to determine individually as a personal preference, so we hope our contribution allows you to decide if Barebarics sneakers live up to the hype of style + function.

Our Honest Barebarics Sneakers review

We've tried out a few Barebarics sneakers over the years and recorded the following data with a scale of 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest.


Our Score




Ease of transition from regular shoes (1 = very hard, 10 = easy)



Style & design


Sole Thickness

Very good support for transition to barefoot. Thickness 6mm.

Toe Box Width


Much wider compared to standard shoes. Not extremely wide and a bit more narrow compared to other Be Lenka models.




Lightweight feel (How light do the Barebarics barefoot sneakers feel on your feet compared to other shoes, 1 - 4 = heavier, 5 = the same, 6 - 10 = lighter)




Most of the Barebarics are built only for urban environments (9 points). Voyager model has a different improved sole for outdoors.


Similar pricepoint to competitor brands.

Overall Satisfaction

8.5. Wearing them for 2 years now and not planning to change :-)

Barebaric Shoes Overview

Though Barebarics has a range of different shoe models, they're all suited for a similar market. These shoes are meant primarily for city life. They're comfortable enough to walk long distances, and stylish enough to seamlessly fit into most people's everyday wardrobes.

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Another important feature of the Barebaric brand is their eco-friendly approach. They're passionate about "slow fashion" which means making high quality designs that last for many years to replace the usual quick "buy and throw away" cycle of lower quality shoes is extremely important to them.

Barefoot Sneakers Barebarics Zing - White & Gold - Leather 5  - OzBarefoot

There are also both vegan and non-vegan shoe options, making them suitable for a range of lifestyles.

They currently have twelve different models available: Rebel, Bravo, Zoom, Axiom, Vibe, Hifly, Pulsar, Kudos, Evo, Voyager, Revive, and finally Zing. Their top sellers in order are the sleek leather and fabric Bravo model, the all-leather luxurious Zing model, and the casual and sporty-looking vegan Revive model.

Barebarics Sneakers White & Gold

Barebarics Sneakers Zing White & Gold

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What all Barebarics shoes have in common to make them barefoot shoes are a levelled toe and heel (zero drop), a wide toe box, lightweight flexible materials, no arch support, and finally, a 4mm thick sole. This sole height is far smaller than the average shoe, but on the larger end for barefoot shoes.

Fit and Comfort

The fit and comfort of any shoe is of utmost importance, and luckily, Barebarics shoes are quite comfortable. The roomy design in the toe box respects the natural shape of the toes so they won't feel cramped for space. The materials are also lightweight, breathable, and comfortable.

Barefoot shoes aren't known to be particularly comfortable for new users since it does take some time to adjust to their lack of support by building foot strength. If you're used to the cushiony feel of regular shoes, you may find the lack of arch support and padding is something to get accustomed to.

However, Barebarics have a thicker sole than most other barefoot shoes on the market, so they should be the easiest of any available option to transition to a more minimalist shoe design.

Quality and Durability

One place where Barebarics undoubtedly shines is in quality and durability. Since "slow fashion" is one of the predominant mission statements of the brand's founders, it's clear they don't skimp out on materials, design, or craftsmanship.

Barefoot Sneakers Barebarics Zing - White & Gold - Leather 7  - OzBarefoot

The vegan friendly shoe models are created out of an environmentally conscious polyester microfiber on the outer fabric with a cork insole layer and a synthetic rubber outer sole. The non-vegan shoes are similar with the major difference being the high-quality and long-lasting Nappa leather fabric they use on the outer layer of the shoes. All of their shoes also feature a moisture wicking Dermodry Coolmax® technical fabric to keep feet cool and dry.

Performance and Use

The overwhelming majority of reviews on Barebarics shoes only have positive things to say about their performance, us included. They function well in their purpose as a daily city walking shoe, and durability doesn't appear to be an issue.

The only potential drawback is that some individuals may find they're not particularly multifunctional for athletic activities. The sole of the shoe is decently flexible, but not nearly flexible enough to account for the mobility needed for actions like running. For this reason, Barebarics might not be the ideal shoes choice if you're looking for a shoe to wear both to the gym and around town.

Customer Reviews

Here are a few customer reviews directly from their website to give you a more through idea of their general public reception.

"These are the only “cool” looking barefoot shoes that my bunion-foot self has ever come across. I was worried they’d make my feet look like duck feet, but they’re super sleek and cute. Comfort wise they offer my wide feet/bunions lots of room and don’t squeeze anywhere."

- Amanda


"I've worn them for about a month and they are SO comfy!! The insoles they come with provide a bit of cushioning, just the right amount to still feel the ground when you walk. I have wide feet and I loved the extra roomy-ness, they are super comfy and they look super cool too!! As soon as I saw the design I fell in love with these shoes, and as soon as I put them on I knew they were right for me."

- Lucia


"These are my first pair of barefoot casual sneakers that actually look like the trends out there and I’m super happy with my purchase."

- Cynthia


Overall, Barebarics are without a doubt one of the best possible shoe options for those beginning their journey into the barefoot shoe life. They're practical, stylish, and they'll keep your feet safe and healthy for many years to come.

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