Barebarics Size Chart

Size Chart of Barebarics Barefoot Sneakers

Chances are if you're shopping for barefoot shoes, you care about your foot health. One of the easiest ways to ensure your feet are comfortable and healthy is to buy the correct shoe size.

Far too many people automatically buy the same standard Australian shoe size without a thought, but feet change over time, different countries use different metrics, and brands vary with their sizing, so using a measuring tool like Barebaric's size chart is always a wise option before making a purchase.

Barebarics Size Chart

Barebarics sizing guide is intended to be printed out on standard A4 paper at 100% scale. It has an image where customers can line up their heel and visually see what shoe size their toes land on.

See barebarics size chart here: Barebarics Sizing Chart 

But, before doing this test, it's best to double check that the sizing printout has the correct scale by placing a standard sized credit or debit card on the corresponding card image.

It's also important to add an additional 0.5-1.2cm of space to the end of the toes to determine the correct size.

Sizing Made Easy

If you have any further questions about determining your Barebarics shoe size, please reach out to