Size Chart of Be Lenka Barefoot Shoes

Size Chart of Be Lenka Barefoot Shoes

Getting the right shoe fit is essential for both your foot health and the longevity of your shoes. Many foot issues can be traced back to ill-fitting shoes that constrict or chafe or gape. Overtime, this negatively affects your foot posture and it can also cause unnecessary wear and tear on the shoes themselves

The best way to ensure you're wearing the correct size Be Lenkas is to use their Be Lenka size chart. This will help them stand up to the rough terrain in Australia and reduce your chances of experiencing any foot issues.

Be Lenka Size Chart for Adults

Each shoe company has slight differences in sizing, so using a brand-specific measuring guide is an essential step you don't want to miss. Luckily, Be Lenka makes it easy with their printable, uni-sex sizing chart for adults.

See: BeLenka Size Chart - Adults

To use the guide, you can either refer to their table of shoe size dimensions and measure your own feet to find your corresponding size, or you can print out the guide and simply place your foot on their shoe size scale image.

It's important to note when measuring your foot, you'll want to measure the width of the widest point across the knuckles of the toes. For the length, you'll similarly need to measure at the longest point from the middle point of your heel diagonally to the tip of your big toe.

Be Lenka Size Chart for Kids

Be Lenka also has a designated shoe size guide for kids. It also features a table of dimensions and a life-sized shoe size image.

See: BeLenka Size Chart - Kids

Be sure to measure both feet since there can be small variances in size, and don't forget to account for a small amount of space in front of the toes.

How to choose correct size of barefoot shoes?

Get Your Size Right the First Time

If you're still unsure of your Be Lenka shoe size, don't hesitate to reach out to for further questions. We'd love to help you get one step closer to having healthy, happy feet.