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Stand tall in comfort and style. With vegan leather, a range of colours and designs, and a sole that provides your feet with true connection, Barebarics by Be Lenka is the future of sneakers in Australia and internationally. Check out our collection page to find the shoe for you, and learn how your new pair of barefoot sneakers stands out from the rest.

Barebarics: Next-Gen Barefoot sneakers that look and feel fantastic

Barebarics’ barefoot sneakers are taking Australia by storm. As a super comfortable yet stylish range, you can enjoy wearing a modern urban design with slightly thicker soles than other barefoot sneakers. You still get the benefits of going barefoot, but without the discomfort of walking on hard or rocky ground.

From Hilfy’s ankle boot cut with dark green and grey, to a sweet pink and white design with the Pulsar cut, there’s a sneaker design here for you. Despite extra room to let your toes spread out naturally and a chunky design built for city streets, you won’t feel weighed down either.

Why choose Barebarics barefoot sneakers?

Going barefoot is a hot wellness trend, but it isn’t always comfortable on hard urban surfaces. With Barebarics’ barefoot sneakers, you get the best of both worlds.

  • All Barebarics barefoot sneaker designs feature a wide toe cut. According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, a wider toe box reduces your risk of developing issues such as bunions or hammer toe in the future.
  • A flexible sole allows your feet to move naturally, preventing weakness, strain or contracture in the muscles, tendons, and ligaments. The added bonus of zero drop, keeping your heel level with your toes, means your Achilles tendon can avoid strain or shortening.
  • Better yet, the sole is only 4mm thick. This helps to stimulate the nerve endings in your feet without making walking in the city or over rocky ground painful. Maintaining this stimulation may help to prevent your sensory and motor function from becoming slower and less accurate.
  • We also recognise that every foot is different. The lack of standardised arch support helps to prevent fatigue and pain if your bone structure doesn’t fit the norm. Don’t worry if your arches are on the flat side, as barefoot sneakers train your feet to regain their natural strength.
For an in-depth look at the health benefits of barefoot shoes, see this article: Health benefits of wearing barefoot shoes.


Ideal walking footwear for any place in Australia

With Barebarics’ barefoot sneakers, you can walk comfortably in any environment in Australia. Urban designs mean you won’t be out of place in trendy cafes or shopping districts, while their durability means you can take them hiking or camping. It doesn’t matter where you go, the neurological benefits of walking barefoot can keep on giving you a youthful spring in your step.

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Check out the wide range of stylish Be Lenka Barebarics sneakers

Our partner brand, Be Lenka, is the manufacturer of Barebarics sneakers. Be Lenka is a leading barefoot sneaker brand that launched Barebarics out of the need to provide city-dwellers with stylish footwear

With Vibe, Zoom, Hifly, Kudos, Revive, Pulsar, Axiom, Rebel, and Zing, you’re sure to find a barefoot sneaker you love. Choose Zing or Kudos if you want to mix white with a pop of colour. Pulsar gives you solid colour and a cute casual look. On the other hand, Rebel is better suited to athletic lifestyles, and Hilfy gives you added strength and protection as an ankle boot.

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Bring the benefits of going barefoot into the cities. Shop for your perfect style of Barebarics Barefoot Sneakers here.

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