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At OzBarefoot, it’s not just adults who get to benefit from the comfort and mobility of minimalist and foot-shaped barefoot shoes with wide toe box. We are proud to stock a range of colourful, comfortable kids’ barefoot shoes by Be Lenka, to give your kids the best start in life when it comes to their orthopaedic health.

Why Kids Should Wear Minimalist Barefoot Shoes With Wide Toe Box?

Your children’s musculoskeletal systems are still developing, including their feet. This means their bones are softer, while their muscles and ligaments can be heavily influenced by how much activity they do and whether they are establishing healthy movement patterns. They are both more sensitive and more responsive to changes in their footwear as a result. However, shoes are a necessity in order to prevent infection, and places such as schools don’t allow kids to go barefoot for hygienic reasons.

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Kids’ barefoot shoes allow your children to have the same mobility and sensory experience as they can while going barefoot. A wide toe box area won’t affect their muscle and bone structure, and gives them the same opportunity to develop balance and agility on uneven ground. Their zero-drop soles give your child’s feet the chance to feel everything on the ground, as if they were barefoot, which may assist in coordination and allow their ligaments and muscles the opportunity to strengthen themselves. Best of all, the durable material means each pair of this minimalist footwear will withstand months of play outside before your child outgrows them.

If your child complains about having to wear shoes or even outright refuses to wear them, it may be because of how stiff conventional arches make them feel. Barefoot shoes for kids may be the perfect alternative if typical shoes are too painful or restrictive.

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Find the Best Barefoot Shoes for your Kids

At OzBarefoot, we stock the best kids’ barefoot shoes, whether they’re going to school, the park, a friend’s house, or on an outdoor adventure:

  • Kids Sneakers: Play, Joy, Jolly, and Fluid are perfect for school and everyday play.
  • Kids All Year: Xplorer is best for outdoor activities such as bushwalking, and Perk is a prettier style for going out.
  • Kids Winter Shoes: Our Winter shoes help your kids to stay warm while giving their nerves and muscles the barefoot experience

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OzBarefoot is Australia’s leading online retailer of adults’ and kids’ barefoot shoes, thanks to our wide range of Be Lenka shoes imported from Europe.

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